Monday, October 15, 2018

Day 2272: a one hour tug-of-war, toss & sorta fetch.

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I am at the house on the hill through Tuesday.
We had thunder, lightning & rain Friday night & Saturday.
We need the rain. This was our first rain since May 2018.
I took a few close ups to prove it can rain in California. 

and a few close-ups after the rain, Sunday.

But my main job here, I am a Grand-puppy wrangler.

Six month old Zoey with the sweet face 
is a force of nature, boundless energy and curiosity. 
She can dig a hole or rip out a plant in the blink of an eye.
 I try to keep her distracted & safely busy.

The ball above was a one hour tug-of-war, toss & sorta fetch.
I brought a book, but haven't read a page.

Because when she finally naps, so do I.
Speaking of naps... I thought you might like to see 
the difference in how a six month old diva-pup
and a 7 years old male sleep?

Laker and I commiserate ...

we'll survive this puppy time, in time.

6:45 pm Sunday evening.

A smile for Monday ...

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