Thursday, October 11, 2018

Day 2268: Note to self, and you too, if it applies ...

Lydia: old photo, collage & digital

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Today was Eastside, and I forgot to take pictures!
I was busy working on Jeri's project ...
which involved ironing paper to make collage pieces.
My scanner is still AWOL, so I'll wait to show you mine.
Norma brought a magnificent old family album,
that I should have photographed, but didn't think to?
Norma said I could photograph any I wanted, so I did, eleven.

Lydia was one. I named her. 
There were no names or dates on the photos.
* Note to self, and you too, if it applies ... put names 
& hopefully dates on photos while you remember. 

I pulled out one of my old collages and 
skewed it for the background. Almost unrecognizable.

Then I used a layer of mustard, muted, to tie it all together.

After several variations I decided on Lydia (#4).
Thanks again, Norma!


For FB Throwback Thursday ...

At "Chucky Cheese" Bakersfield, 1982, after a tournament.

The team chipped in to do this to me.

A smile for Thursday ...

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