Friday, September 14, 2018

Day 2241: Take off you socks and dye them!

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Wednesday was our monthly Eastside get together.
Normally, when everything is perfect, we are eight.
Today we were six, greatly missing Erin & Josie.

Sherril, Jody, Norma, shy Linda & Libby

It was Jody's turn to teach a project, so we met 
at her gorgeous home in Big Canyon.

Our project was Shibori dying!
After a yummy quiche, fruit salad & tea ...

most of us dyed a tote bag, Linda dyed fabric for a caftan.

Using ribber bands, wood squares, tongue depressors, 
and lots of folding, we began. Rubber gloves at the ready.

Once the fabric was bound tight, it was dunked into water
until it was saturated, then into the indigo dye bucket for 
3 minutes, then the excess dye squeezed out and set to rest.

Meanwhile, if you were wearing some cute little white 
socks under your jazzy red shoes, you might be convinced 
to take off you socks and dye them!

Libby, our overachiever, and outstanding artist, thought to 
bring a variety of fabrics which turned out terrific.

All hung to dry, there was lunch to be eaten, 
and lots of talking and laughing to be done.

Libby Williamson shared her newest creation, accepted 
into a show in Philadelphia, to later be in a traveling show. 
I am kicking myself as you read this, that I didn't think 
to take close-ups of this stunning 2' x 6"work and 
the incredible detail. It is amazing.

All in all, another fun day with the Eastside gang.
Thank you Jody!

A puppy update:

Zoey is a taco lover, like her Grandma.

A smile for Friday ...


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