Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Day 2211: She warned me ...

cacti: junk mail collage,marker & digital

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On a cacti kick thanks to Josie Hamilton, here.
She warned me that they were addictive.

step 1: gesso brushstrokes

And, I wanted to try it on a black background.

step 2: marker defining gesso shapes

The great thing about cactus is that they are so irregular.
For me, this makes drawing the cactus easier.

step 3: start with junk mail

step 4: more junk mail

step 5: junk mail

step 6: touch ups & blossom

step 7: marker for definition.

step 8: white marker

Warning: I plan to do more cacti, I am addicted.
Thanks Josie!

Earlier I mentioned a new film about Demura Sensei and ...

The Last Dojo

Coming soon: Filmed in the final days of his legendary dojo 
before it was destroyed, Sensei Fumio Demura shares his 
thoughts and recollections on how this sacred place of karate training came to be and the martial arts culture it inspired.

A very short trailer (54 sec.) here.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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