Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Day 2197: He gave little pieces ...

crow: china marker

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I went on this faces kicks a few years ago, 
trying to get some drawing skills back.
I had lost the abilities that Professor Shurtleff had demanded 
in his required 50 pages of drawing each week! We all hated it!
But it had worked, and in the end we could all draw.
So, I do faces everywhere and now it's a go-to? 

"He gave little pieces of himself to people, 
but no one got all of him."

(I transferred the empty stamp page onto drawing paper)

Trying to do kid faces is difficult ... mine always look old.

marker & collage
marker over paint wash

I draw on anything, tiny 2x3" flip books are fun

ink brush
ballpoint & collage

I draw on leftover scraps ...

fingerprint faces

and a lot in my journals.

ink brush
ball point & marker

marker & ink brush

inkbrush & marker
graphite & acrylic

Lately, a lot of postcards.

inkbrush, watercolor & collage

inkbrush, watercolor & collage

inkbrush, watercolor & collage
Sorry, I do got carried away. Thank you for your patience.
(Excuse the blank space above, blogspot went on strike?)

A smile for Wednesday ...

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