Saturday, July 14, 2018

Day 2179: ... one small part bothered me ...

girl 11:  journal sketch, ballpoint & watercolor

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First of all, Thank you!

To those who sent kind words to 
quell my dilemma mentioned yesterday, here
I so appreciate you for taking your time to help me.
I'll keep serving cheeseburgers with the works.

Second, some asked if there was a step-by-step for yesterday's art?
Yes, but I was over my self-imposed time limit, so I saved it.
Here ya go ...

step 1

Torn scraps of acrylic scrapes & splatters, my favorite of all papers

step 2

Another favorite, text from a 50's graphic newsletter. Thanks Val!

step 3

I use gluestick & brayer on beautiful Fabriano Medioevalis card.

step 4

This was almost the final but one small part bothered me  ...

step 5

Did you catch it? 

Third. I am still on a high from just finishing my book ...

I knew of rave reviews, which often prove disappointing,
but this was great. I laughed, cried, looked up words... 
I highlighted special phrases ...

no let downs, just GREAT! Bonus if you are a word lover.
I unintentionally missed my daily Jeopardy ( a big no-no) 
finishing it, but said it was worth it. That's high praise from me.

My next book is waiting ...

so me and my Libby Williamson bookmark are moving on.

The summer heat gives the lethargic me an excuse 
to lay down and read until it cools down. 
Excuses are sometimes very good.

A smile for Saturday ...

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