Friday, July 13, 2018

Day 2178: An apology and a cheesburger.

aurora: collage card on Fabriano Medioevalis

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I start with an apology ... today as 
I was getting ready to go to a doctor appointment,
I heard a tv host, who I generally admire say 
that she didn't like people posting about their families 
& that she took it as a form of bragging, like 
"look what we have, look how cool we are."


It stopped me in my tracks, because as you may know, 
I post whatever is going on, family, art, karate, 
whatever is happening. 
Our family is generally crazy & funny, and ordinary.
I do post about galleries, trips & even going to Costco.
I don't post about when I am down, when I am, 
or any other negatives, as I try to keep 
this little blog light & funny, if possible.
So if it came across as bragging, I do apologize.

That said, I thought I would reiterate my blog format ...
Developed in 2016, I call it the "cheeseburger format" ...
I think of each blog post as a hamburger!

The top bun is some piece of my artwork.
This because early on I was told that some liked the art part.
This part of the sandwich is easy, as I do art pretty much 
every day & when I don't, I have files!

The middle or meat & cheese, is a few sentences ...
observations, often just nonsense, so I keep it short.
Short because early on, 2170 + days ago ...
I asked daughter, WW, if she had read my blog?
In that daughter voice that you know, if you have one ...
she said, "Mom, I am so busy!" And she was right, she was!
But, I said in my well-practiced Mom voice ...
"Erin, it takes less than a minute!"
And so, I keep it short, usually. I know you are all busy.
Sometimes there are short garnishes/condiments as it were,
happenings, upcoming stuff, FB-TBT, dojo tally etc.

The bottom bun is the "smile" for the day.
Everyone seems to like that, and ...
that also comes easy, as I have a huge "funny" file.

Thanks so much for visiting today, 
I do appreciate you.
Hope to see ya tomorrow?

A smile for Friday ...

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