Monday, July 9, 2018

Day 2174: it soon cooled to 106' ...

heatwave: photo, acrylic, collage & digital

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We are still in the heatwave that's been on the news.

On Sunday mornings I drive the 15 miles to WW & SM's house to ride with them and GH#3 to church. I could just drive to church and meet them there, but I love to ride along and listen to all the family banter.  Sometimes GH#1 & GH#2 join us when they are not working. More often they are working brunch at Social 
in Costa Mesa, so are not free to come. 
But back to the heat ...
when I got in my car to drive home at 11:45 am, my car said ...

after being parked in their driveway.  In fairness, 
it soon cooled to 106' on the way home & stayed there.

In the "too good not to share" department ...
I have some great mail art to share.
I was so thrilled to receive these postcards in the mail.

Lois Olsen, Palos Verdes artist & friend mailed two!

Both with watercolor, marker & collage!

And, a watercolor & collage postcard from 
Orange artist, attorney & friend, Marie Cioth.
Thoughtful mail makes any day so much better!

And today on Facebook ...

"#postagepeople inspired by Jacki Long
 I did my character in one of my art journals."

Patti had liked one of my stamp-people, and 
I asked her to try it, knowing she'd be great!

A smile for Monday ...

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