Friday, July 6, 2018

Day 2171: Stay cool?

Willem:  old photo, collage & digital

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Superman, WonderWoman, family and friends 
have been "baking" in Palm Springs this week.
The Grandhunks & Grand-dog & Grand-puppy
came home Thursday, as the hunks all have to work.
The Superheroes will return Saturday.
Until then, it's Grandma, Laker & Zo.

and FB just sent me a message for tomorrow ...

We'll try.

Puppy Update:

photo by WonderWoman

Zo is now 13 weeks and 18 pounds.

Zo has doubled in size since the superheroes 
brought her home five weeks ago.

I think she was glad to be home from Palm Springs 
and the extreme heat, though WW said she liked the pool.

One of my favorite times is a quiet time before noon, 
when we three share the outside couch.
We may outgrown this soon?

Zo goes at 100 mph so these rare cuddles are priceless.

And you know you're tired when you get part way 
into bed and say ... near enough!

A smile for Friday ...

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