Saturday, June 30, 2018

Day 2165: ... leaving the original untouched.

young Frida: old photos, collage, acrylic & digital

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                                     As you may have noticed, I love old photos.

I also love Frida Kahlo, and have a collection here.


And, I think this photo is perfect. 
To me, a young, direct, determined Frida.


     But, I wanted to play, leaving the original untouched.


This is one of my favorites.

In the "did you know" department.
Did you know you can watch explore livecam from Alaska?
Thanks to Austin Kleon, I went here and watched live,
a brown bear at Brooks Falls - Katmai National Park, Alaska.

I watched him rest then look around, the he got up and 
I thought I'd lost him. But the livecam followed him into the water!

The livecam followed and even zoomed in as he went for lunch.
I wanted to catch him catching his lunch, but I took a call 
and when I went back the livecam was tracking him in the hills, 
every so often you could see him moving through the bushes.
I wasn't alone, 1644 were watching too.

Then I went to Walrus Beach, Alaska 
and am listening to the soft rapids live as I write.

They have another called meditation, featuring animals along
with the sounds of wind, birds, water and occasional grunts.
I'm betting this could lower blood pressure considerably.

I only captured a few of the stunning shots.
I went back to check on my bear, and he (or a friend?)
was water-side again as if waiting for a delivery.

Intently scanning the water, he gave up a few minutes later 
and decided to go to the source.

I left him to his prospective meal, and went to make my lunch.
I did bookmark the site. I think it's amazing to live in this age where you can visit Alaska live, at the click of a key.
Just sayin'

4 hours layer I decided to check in, he's in the water, but seems 
to be relaxed and enjoying the turbulence as a Jacuzzi? 
I guess I should warm, this may be addictive.

A smile for Saturday ...

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