Friday, June 29, 2018

Day 2164: An adoption of sorts.

Louise Crawford & Willie: old photo, photo & junk mail collage

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"Louise Crawford & Willie", was a rescue photo.
You know, the abandoned old photos for sale at a flea market?


Fun to study and see what you can determine. 
Mother and son? Proud grandmother & grandson?
The names were on the back, which is a real plus.

back of photo

If they don't have a name, I feel compelled to name them.
An adoption of sorts. Welcome to the family.

Puppy Update:

Superman & WonderWoman had a business dinner, 
so I came over for 4 hours to puppy sit.

Zo is now 12 weeks and 15 pounds.

Laker is 7 years . . .

Zo has endless energy & she constantly challenges Laker, 
who is gentle & patient as he growls. 1 min video here
This goes on and on.  
Eventually, around 8 pm, they crash.

My favorite time.

A smile for Friday ...

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