Thursday, June 14, 2018

Day 2149: Just like life, sometimes it's easy ...

dede: ink brush, watercolor, collage & digital postcard

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Click here for Doobie Brothers, What a fool believes.
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Another step-by-step 4x6" heavy watercolor postcard ...

step 1

using a permanent ink brush to draw ...

step 2

and watercolor for skin tone, background & everything.

step 3

Finishing with junk mail collage in areas.
Just like life, sometimes it's easy, 
other times, not so much.

Look what I received in the mail ...  Muse Mail!
 My June treat is from friend and Seattle artist, John Arbuckle.

Even the envelope lets you know ... something great is inside.

And there it is, John Arbuckle magic! Turn it over and ...

More magic!!!
Feeling very lucky, receiving treasures through the mail.

Thank you Muse Mail and thank you John!

Puppy Update:

Zo (9 weeks) doesn't look so tiny by herself, 
because she is after all, a well proportioned little puppy.

But when you see her next to Laker ( years), 
you realize she has some growing to do.
She is in his bed, and Laker acquiesced. This time.

Tonight, all of a sudden, Zo discovered the television. 
She seemed interested in the people talking on the big screen ...
for a few minutes, then on to something new.
Constant learning.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Jake & Bella

Grandhunk #2 and Grand-dog #2, Villa Park, 2005

A smile for Thursday ...

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