Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Day 2148: Another too long neck to be remedied ...

lou: (step 5) ink drawing, watercolor, marker, junk mail collage & digital.

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Lou, a 4x6" heavy watercolor paper postcard, in five steps.

step 1

Permanent ink brush drawing.

step 2

Watercolor for the skin tone.

step 3

Chisel point wide Copic marker for the background.

step 4

More watercolor for hair and shading.
Another too long neck to be remedied with collage.

step 5

The collage utilized sewing pattern for hair, 
a grocery ad for the body & tissue .
The top cover art was digitized.

Happy 19th Birthday to Jake, aka Grandhunk #2!
He's at the river (110 degrees today) with his parents, 
GH #1 & 3 friends, (GH #3 is in Florida).

photo by WW

photo by WW

Tito, GH#1, Chris, Ben & GH#2, photo by WW

 Jake probably looks like this, a lot!

photo by WW

I love you handsome! Have a great day!

Puppy Update:

Young Zo (9 weeks) in a rare quiet moment.

Laker (7 years) enjoying a rare quiet moment.

The 10:15 - 12 noon nap ... 

I had a funny video to share, but unable to load here?
If you're curious, it's on my Instagram  (long.jacki)

A smile for Wednesday ...

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