Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Day 2147: Postcard recipe?

step 5: ink brush, watercolor, marker & junk mail collage postcard

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How about a recipe for a postcard?

step 1

1. Take 4x6" watercolor paper, draw with ink brush

step 2

2. Use watercolor to fill in skin tone.


step 3

3. Use wide, chisel tip marker to fill in the background.

step 4

4. Add white marker on eyes & watercolor everywhere else.

5. Add junk mail where needed.
6. Let rest. (Recipes say that a lot.)

Puppy Update:

Yesterday was a long day, not many rest stops. Today was better.

Laker (7) and I both were hoping for some Zo naps.

Zo, at 9 weeks, is cute, smart, stubborn, curious & energy plus.

Today at 10:10 am we three sat on the outdoor couch & magic ...

Zo feel asleep! Laker & I smiled at each other! Honest!

I couldn't move for fear of breaking the spell, but I had my phone.

Puppy angelic, right?

She slept through till noon! A new and welcome record.
Sharon in Idaho, said yesterday's photos look like Zo has grown.
And, she has! Her family will be surprised on Thursday.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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