Monday, June 11, 2018

Day 2146: ... just a postcard after all

step 6: ink, watercolor, marker, junk mail collage & digital

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The postcard marathon & step-by-step continues ...

step 1

Initially drawing with a dry ink brush ...

step 2

and watercolor for the skin tone.
I have a habit of these pencil-necked people, and
not sure why I drew at an angle, but sometimes
it's about learning what not to do next time.

step 3

Wide Copic marker for background.

step 4

More watercolor for hair and glasses.
I'm not thrilled at this point, but hoping collage will help.

step 6

Added junk mail collage. Not great, but better?
It's just a postcard after all, and fun practice.
More tomorrow. Hope you'll stop by?

Puppy Update:

Laker help me watch Zo, who is a bundle of energy ... 
she flies around, spins out, rests a second & takes off. 

Laker provides protection and shade!

A smile for Monday ...

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