Sunday, June 10, 2018

Day 2145: ... the process, warts and all?

step 3: ink, watercolor & marker.

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Still making postcards, so another step-by-step ...

step 1

drawing using an ink brush on heavy watercolor paper.

step 2 & 3

Using watercolor for skin tone & Copic marker for the background.
My ink brush was water soluble, so uncontrolled bleeding occurred.
Sometimes it's a lucky accident, sometimes not so much.

step 4

More watercolor for hair.

step 5

Finishing with tissue for hair and a bit of background.
Not completely happy with this one, but
decided to show the process, warts and all?

Superman, WonderWoman, GH#1 & 2 + 3 GH friends are 
off to the river! A long drive, terrific heat and great fun.

Even though I love them all & the fun they will have,
I am happier to stay home in a house that stays cool 
with grand-dog Laker and grand-puppy, "Zo".

and there is a size difference for the time being.

A smile for Sunday ...

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