Thursday, June 7, 2018

Day 2142: ... commensurate with my skill level.

step 2: ink brush & watercolor

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I am at it again. Making postcards.
Back on Day# 2120, here, I asked:
Hey, what's your middle name? 
And, I bribed you with a postcard if you told me. 
Well, 50+ of you did, before the deadline.
 And so I start, 1 step at a time start!

step 1

I drew 30 4x6" postcards faces on heavy watercolor stock. 
I used a black ink brush. Some were quick, others not.

step 2

Step 2 was watercolor for the skin tone.
Sometimes this stage looks better than the rest? 

I use a $3.99 kids watercolor set, 
commensurate with my watercolor skill level.
I actually own better watercolors, but these work well.

step 3

I usually use watercolor for the backgrounds, but
I had 4 leftover fat Copic markers & tried using them. 
I'm on this kick to use up what I have?

I usually collage the hair and a bit of the background ...

step 4

but this time I used watercolor for the hair,
and the collage more sparingly.
Last week, Ann said my faces are changing? Maybe. 

I plan to post more step-by steps, as I complete them.
And, I thank all of you, and especially the 95% of you 
who took time to tell me the story behind your middle name, 
I loved hearing each and every one.  But ...

78 degrees, Sunny, Santa Ana, CA

For FB Throwback Thursday:

WonderWoman & Superman, 1993

A smile for Thursday ...

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