Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Day 2133: Heaven help me, another weakness ...

3 boys:  photo, collages & digital

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Today, when I should have been doing something else,
  I started looking through old photographs.
Heaven help me, another weakness ...

I inherited Aunt Vonda's school pictures.
She is the lovely lady top right. One of my life heroes.
She kept every class photo from every year she taught, 
and listed the student's names on the back.
This is Aunt Vonda's 5th & 6th grade class from back then.
Each face a personality study. 
Can you visualize them as grown ups?
You might notice some had a retake. 
With my expert detective skills,  I decided that the
 photographer tried to get a smile on the second shot?
I think he was wise.

Then I tried drawing a face or two ... can you find the original?
Drawing a child's face and having it still look like a child,
is a skill I don't have in my tool box.
Maybe someday.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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