Monday, May 28, 2018

Day 2132: Taking time to honor ...

pledge: photo, collage & digital.

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Can't help but think of the many men & women 
who have died in service to our country over the years,
giving us the freedom we too often take for granted. 
Maybe like you, I have relatives who have served, but only
Uncle Kenneth died in Europe, leaving Aunt Vonda a widow.

I choose to honor and thank all military personnel 
who served the United States in all branches.

Uncle Max, Army & older brother Glenn, my Dad, Navy.

Uncle Kenneth, Air Force, Aunt Vonda's husband & Uncle Bert, Marines

Cousins, John, Army; Jack, Air Force and Bob, Navy.

Jordan Granata, newly married & serving his country.

God Bless all that have served, are serving, 
and will be serving, keeping this land free. 

Home from staying 8 days with Grandhunk #3 
& Grand-dog, Laker house seems so quiet.
On Sunday afternoon GH #3 drove & I rode shotgun to LAX

less traffic than usual

to pick up Superman & WonderWoman returning from NYC.

We were all hungry and stopped for great Mexican food.
Once home GH #3 went to his brothers to swim,
WW went to stock up on groceries, 
SM got ready to watch NBA finals 
& I came home to do the same.

A thought for Monday ...

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