Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Day 2127: Happy campers indeed!

Carolyn: collage, acrylic, photo & digital

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Click here for Sheku Kanneh-Mason, Sicilienne - Après un Rêve - Ave Maria
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If you saw yesterday's blog, here, you know that 
I went for sushi with all three Grandhunks!


Sushi Damu is a Tustin "all you can eat" restaurant.

A good thing with 6'5", 6'3" & 6'4", 19, 18 & 17 year olds. 
Sushi is their favorite food, and they have big appetites.

While waiting for our orders, I took pics of my escorts.

GH #1
GH #
GH #2

They looked a lot happier when the food arrived.

Yes, all this and more ... each.

Happy campers indeed!

While being Grandma this week I noticed ...

clues that there's a 17 year old hunk in the house. Interesting!

A smile for Wednesday ...

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