Monday, May 21, 2018

Day 2125: The dubious joys of early rising?

Teri: acrylic,ink, collage & digital

Want music?


Click here for Queen Latifah & Al Green, Simply Beautiful.
then click back on this blog tab or here to listen as you browse, or not?


Those of you who visit this silly blog often, might know 
I love classical, rock and roll & a wide variety of music styles.
But, there is a special love of the cello.

Artist/friend Mary McKay, sent me this link of the 
Kannek-Mason family of seven gifted sibling musicians, 
featured in a lovely 9 minute video, here.
If you watched the wedding Saturday you saw prodigy, Shaku.

The dubious joys of early rising?
Well I tried it out Sunday morning.
Getting up at 4:15 am to drive to SM & WW's house.

15 miles and not a single car on the road, until
I reached the 91 freeway & out of the twilight zone.

Superman & WonderWoman had a flight from LAX to NYC.

We four made the 5:30 am drive with minimal traffic.
Grandhunk #3 was to drive their car home, and
I volunteered to tag along as co-pilot.
Some of the best conversations happen in a long drive.
So until we drive in next Sunday for pick-up ...

it's just GH#3, grand-dog Laker and I & we'll be just fine.


A smile for Monday ...

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