Sunday, May 20, 2018

Day 2124: I am a cheap date!

self portrait, 1998: junk mail collage

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I am a cheap date!
I am easily pleased and it takes very little.
Here's what made my day today!
Today was a bonus ...
I went with WW to GH#3's 2 pm concert choir performance 

us (enhanced by Snapchat) at Intermission

Always a softie when watching kids sing, today was no exception.
Then WW, SM & I went to a 4:30 Church service, also excellent.
When I got home I had 2 packages in my mailbox!
The first was a Hawaiian phone book ...

from artist/friend, Irene Rafael,  who just returned from 
an island getaway.  A true friend who knows what I like.

And, last night, Friday, I ordered this book on Amazon, 
today, Saturday, it was here! How do they do that?

It's a quirky book, I can't give a review yet. 
But I do like quirky!
All in all, a great day! TMI?

A smile for Sunday ...

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