Monday, May 14, 2018

Day 2118: I kept waiting for her to move!

Mimi: acrylic, photo, collage & digital

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Thursday afternoon, first day of the three day
annual Mother-Daughter get away, 

With the largest show of Andy Warhol prints ...

I took a ton of pictures, okay 96, but that's a lot.
Some are closeups of sections of works ...

early work & factory

They were more, but I only photographed my favorites.

We also enjoyed seeing the ...

some had the 
of ceramics
but all were 

photo by WonderWoman

Again, many more on exhibit. I shot my favorites.

This museum is wonderful, well worth the time necessary to see it.

Peter Voulkos

This couple attracted attention,  resting on a bench ...

they were actually a life-like sculpture, 
I kept waiting for her to move!

A smile for Monday ...

Doggie Day Care Selfie

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