Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Day 2113: a lot on my mind!

a lot on my mind, acrylics, photo & digital

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 I took a picture in an optical store window ...
of a eyeglass model with lots of reflections.

Not just because she's pretty, but I liked the dynamics,
the interplay of the interruptions.

I separated some colors and added a few brushstrokes.

I added it to a layer of an earlier ink drawing.
This would have been a safe solution, but I went on.

Layering over a red acrylic, erasing areas and blending others.
And, maybe I went too far, but I went with this final ...

titled, "a lot on my mind."
A little chaotic & messy, but so are some minds?
Tell me what you think? Come on, tell me. I can take it!

A smile for Wednesday ...

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