Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Day 2112: A local, long-time landmark.

Ben: photo, collage & digital

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When I drive to day class I see this radio tower from a distance.
I check for it each time, it's always there.

People driving the 5 freeway, near Grand off-ramp, 
may have noticed it as well. A local, long-time landmark.
Spaced flashing lights to warn off air traffic.
I tried to find some history for you here
maybe erected in 1922, but it wasn't definitive to me?

I left early before day class and drove 
down SA back streets to find the source.
Workers in the area regarded me as an alien.

Railway tracks to the left & secure fencing kept me at a distance.

You might have laughed if you had seen me 
doing a back-bend trying to shoot the top!
There was no way to get it all in one shot.
That's okay, I found it & like it anyway.

78 degrees, blue skies, Santa Ana, CA,

A smile for Tuesday ...

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