Saturday, May 5, 2018

Day 2109: A haircut and surprise presents, oh my!

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Time for a haircut, or trim up actually.
I am still battling letting my hair grow out.
Hairdresser/former student Julie is guiding me through.
She tells me hair grow 6 inches per year!
Patience is not my strong point, but I am hanging in so far.
Then Julie's older sister/former student Megan,
came with presents from she, her parent, former student 
Craig & his wife Jean, and also Grandma June. 
I had missed attending the family New Years as usual 
this year since I had a cough and 
didn't want to risk making anyone ill.

So I came home with a haircut & surprise presents, oh my!

I am in love with my Sumo tabi socks!
How perfect are they for a sumo lover?

Happy weekend and ...

A smile for Saturday ...

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