Thursday, May 3, 2018

Day 2107: 5 from OC in LA

Lola 2: photo, collages & digital

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I have mentioned in many earlier blogs, the blessings that 
WW enjoys, having the same great friends for decades.
It has been such a joy to watch their friendship over the years.

Heidi M, WW, Leah, Amy & Heiki K

Five out of the group were asked to try out for a tv show Monday.

I don't know all the details,
but I think it was a type
of Family Feud game show,
based on trivia?
These ladies don't need
a reason to show up
and have fun together. 
I don't know the results,
but it looks like
there was some fun
and celebrating?

Leah, Heidi K, WW, Heidi M & Amy

Amy, Heidi M & Heidi K

They decided that since they were in LA, they would try to go to 

the Jimmie Kimmel tv taping, with Keith Urban.
Knowing Heidi,  she can and will make it happen.

Keith Urban

So while going to bed, I turned on the tv and saw ...

5 from OC for a fun day in LA!

64 degrees, cloudy, Santa Ana, CA

And, Demura sensei gave me this surprise gift today ...


                       (Arigatōgozaimashita) Demura sensei!

For Throwback Thursday ...

4 cousins & a friend: Nancy, friend, Martha, Donna, Katha & me. Indiana, 1948

A smile for Thursday ...

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