Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Day 2106: Some days you need to break the rules?

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Want music?


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I woke up today with a strong desire for ...

I didn't have anything like that in my kitchen.
But, I remembered an IHOP commercial ...

so I dressed and drove 5 miles to my nearest IHOP, 
instead of my usual Tuesday morning Farmers Market.

When I eat out alone, I usually take a book to read.
I left it in the car, so I while I waited for my strawberries ...

... easily entertained, and such a cheap date!

Some days you need to break some rules, right?

And, in the "too good not to share" department:

Friends Tom & Betty Cotton were recently in New York
hearing their Grandson play at Carnegie Hall 
where Paul performed and was awarded the Judges’ 
First Place Distinction Award Winner of the American Protégé  
International Woodwinds and Brass Competition.

Having raised Paul, his Grandparents are very proud 
as he continues to pursue his musical journey.  Currently, 
he is attending his Masters Degree in Music Performance 
at Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University 
and will be starting his second year in August, 2018.  

Before then, he will be spending a couple of weeks 
in Gap, France, attending a two week saxophone program.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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