Friday, April 27, 2018

Day 2101: Jackpot Bonanza!

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 I am a very lucky member of the Muse Mail group.
Originated by Florida adv. designer & artist, Thomas LaBadia.
Thank means, every month I send and receive art
from a fellow member/artist, all are terrific!
Yesterday I opened the mailbox to find ... 

Already a jackpot, from Minnesota artist, Terry Garrett!
Because Terry will soon be a New Mexico artist,
he worked ahead to send art for upcoming months 
to relieve pressure during the inevitable moving process.
So I got my May delivery om April 25, 2018! 

Terry Garrett
I am a mixed media collage artist. 
I am now retired after 36 years of teaching art from elementary to university level. 
I live in Northern Minnesota in the woods with my husband. My studio is here at the house and I teach workshops here as well.

Terry has an amazing talent of bringing his life into his work. 
Another life moment, he'll be able to remove that winter coat! 


So relative to Terry’ life,  “Cutting the cord” to 
his previous home or opening the way to a new home.

Card and envelope by Terry Garrett

 I so admire Terry's consistent high quality of work.

postcard by Terry Garrett

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Thank you Terry Garrett and Muse Mail!


The white roses next to my mailbox asked for equal time ...

and I happily obliged.
Wishing you all a really lovely weekend ahead.

A smile for Friday ...

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