Thursday, April 26, 2018

Day 2100: ... tell that to a 17 year old male!

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To say WonderWoman is overly protective of her family, 
and also her Mom, is an understatement.

Hearing of my appointment with the Orthopedic surgeon Tuesday, 
she said she wanted to go along to "meet the Dr. who thought 
her 76 year old Mom should have her shoulder replaced."
I was going for a cortisone shot, but the surgery is imminent.
Both shoulders are rubbing bone on bone. 


WW was ready for bear, but ended up liking Dr. Sodl as do I. 
He answered all questions, from surgery to recovery.
I had another cortisone shot which means I'm better 
for a while, it eases the pain but doesn't cure the situation.
I will probably schedule surgery for late October-November.
And the left to be 6 months to a year later, then I will bionic!

Doubt if I will look like this though!

Grandhunk #3 , age 17, had arthroscopic surgery for a 
severe tear around the rotator cuff of his left shoulder 
February 23, from wrestling as a junior on the OLU team.
So WW knows the difficulty in caring & helping his recovery. 
He is out of his sling, but has therapy & restricted movement, 
tell that to a 17 year old male! Prayers appreciated!

77 degrees, blue skies, Santa Ana, CA

Five joined Demura sensei at Ouko Japanese Restaurant for lunch.

Demura sensei, Mke, Jess, me, Bill and Mei
As usual, I could not get Demura sensei to smile, 

so I gave my phone to Mei! Success!

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Some old lady & Demura sensei, Fullerton, 2016

A smile for Thursday ...

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