Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Day 2099: Lunch with Superman's Mom!

Superman's Grandmother, Fadha, old photo. collage & digital

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I did! I had lunch on Tuesday with Superman's Mom!

Superman & his Mom, Hoda

A superhero in her own right & I'll tell you why!

A beautiful young girl, private school, and a privileged life.

Mike & Hoda

Love at first sight, for both ...
Hoda met and married the love of her life, 
Zuheir (Mike), also a super hero.

Zuheir (Mike), Tarek & Hoda
They started on their family ...

Hoda, Tarek & Bassel

and decided to immigrate to the US in 1977.
Hoda would need to go ahead as Mike needed to finish his job,
and would follow in two months.

Bassel, Hoda & Tarek

I ask you, can you imagine boarding a plane across the planet, 
with  6 year old Tarek & 3 year old Bassel and 
Hoda was 6 months along with son #3, 
for an 10 hour flight from Germany? 
Zuheir had accompanied his growing family 
on the first 6 hour fight from Abu-Dhabi to Germany.
Once landed in the US, Hoda had to find a home, 
furnish a home, all while pregnant, and she did. 
Give birth to Jimmy when Mike arrived. Superhero big time.
Later when times were tough she worked 2 jobs & sold Avon.
Family always came first,  Hoda is an devoted Mom.

Tarek, Mike, Bassel & Jimmy

An amazing family with a strong bond.

Legacy of a SuperMom and SuperWife.
Hoda and Mike will celebrate 50 years next year.
I learned so many great stories over a beautiful lunch today.
Did I mention she is a terrific cook?
I will share more of her family stories in the future. 
Please stay tuned.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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