Friday, April 20, 2018

Day 2094: Inspired by Lynn's message ...

bag lady: acrylic on raw canvas

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For over a week I've been looking at this unfinished bag,
sitting across the room, waiting.

But, I also kinda like the unfinished look, 
and it would be easy to go too far?

Originally a raw canvas Rigger bag from Harbor Freight.
Better examples by Eastside members in blog #2087 (here).

I got a message today from Lynn in Colorado saying ...

"Hi Jacki, I enjoyed the post of the Eastside group 
canvas bag creation. So much in fact I purchased a
couple to do with my grandson tomorrow.
It's a snow day! He loves to make patterns. 
I gessoed the bag in preparation.  
I just thought you would enjoy knowing that 
your inspiration has yet again born fruit 🙂 
I was thinking we could use pens and permanent markers 
with thinned acrylics. What do you think?
Have you finished yours? Love to you, Lynn" 

I  responded: "Terrific! Yes that should work well. 
I hope you’ll send pictures? Mine still looks the same, 
which I kinda like, but plan to add some color, 
just afraid of over working it? I will share when I get gutsy? 
Have fun on snow day!❤️"

Tonight while listening/watching/painting the final episode of ...

Inspired by Lynn's message, I started.

Initially thinking I might just add a few dabs ...

The raw canvas really soaks up a lot of acrylics.

Almost done, but I will add some ink outlining ...

I will seal is with a clear acrylic spray, tomorrow.
Now 12:58 AM, this silly blog usually posts at 12:03AM.
Goodnight all!

A smile for Friday ...

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