Thursday, April 19, 2018

Day 2093: Will power of a gnat!

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I usually train in day class on Wednesday, but I got a call from WonderWoman @ 9AM as she walked Laker around the reservoir.
She was hungry for Shabu-Shabu and invited me to lunch.

And, since I have the will power of a gnat, I said "Yes, please!"
She also invited Grandhunks 1 & 2, but #2 was working.

We three met at 11:30 for a great meal.

We cooked our prepared meat (WW = chicken, GH3! & I = rib eye)
vegetables, noodles & tofu in our individual heated pots.

When we were done, the helpers made soup to take home.

Tonight's meal.
And they have mini ice cream cones too.

Happy campers!

(Yes, we were all standing on the same ground)

And, 12 postcards went in the mail today ...

and on the back a mini collage on each, just because.

 March 31st Mixed-Media Faces class, check your mail?


For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Young WonderWoman & Shogun, Yorba Linda, CA, 1978

(Yes, they were both sitting on the same base)

A smile for Thursday ...

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