Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Day 2092: Josephine goes to the circus!

Josephine goes to the circus: old photo, collages & digital

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I found Josephine in a basket at a flea market, years ago.
She said she wanted to go home with me, and she did.

Josephine has earned her keep & still remains in original form.
I've drawn, painted & done collage versions of her, 
today I decided to work with a digital collage.

I used an old circus background,
a large file with five layers ...






And then it's playtime in Photoshop, 
blending, mixing & manipulating layers around Josephine.

. . . 
I am still working on my ancient 2006 Mac Pro
who obliges me by running (slowly) on fumes, 
I have cleared the desktop to drain less , 
everything going on an external hard drive.
I am still using an out of date, Photoshop CS3
an non upgradeable version 10.0.1
We old ones have to stick together,
 & we know each other well.

. . .

I so appreciate your visit and especially your comments,
so interested in your feedback when you have time.

I thought you might be interested in my lunch today?

$1.62 makes up for the other lunches out!
Thank you Jester!

A smile for Wednesday ...

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