Friday, April 13, 2018

Day 2087: ... soaked up a lot of paint.

Calendar girl: ink brush sketch, collage & digital

original sketch

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Eastside met on Wednesday at Norma's 
to personalize a canvas tool bag.

Norma had a gorgeous, finished sample for us. Wow!

Jody starting on her white, many pocketed, heavy canvas bag,

from Harbor Freight: 15 In. Canvas Riggers Bag,
by Voyager®    Item#38124   24 pockets for hand tools.

I caught Josie as she was leaving, but she finished it at home.

Libby had already styled the bag above earlier, 
and it was in use.She started on a new one but 
I missed it as it was out on the grass drying.

Norma showed ways to open some smaller pockets 
to make larger pocket ... mine went from 24 to 18 pockets.


Norma had used gesso on her bag before painting, 
I went straight to acrylic paint, but soaked up a lot of paint.

I wasn't sure what to do, Norma suggested faces.

I used a brush & acrylic to paint 4 on each side.

I used a marker to start on faces.

Not finished, but a start.

I am not always good at getting back to projects after class,
but this one I will.


A really fun day, Thank you Norma!
Missed you Erin, Linda and Sherrill!

A smile for Friday ...

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