Thursday, April 12, 2018

Day 2086: I get the same look I get in class!

cowgirl: collage, 11 x 14" framed

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Tuesday evening 7 from the past, met up at ...

Mark Martinez, Kevin Suzuki, Demura Sensei, Kinue Demura, me, Tookie Lanza, Chuck Lanza

We go back to the early 1970's, so lots of memories,

and a sign of modern times.

Our guests of honor, Tookie and Chuck Lanza from Hawaii.

As always, I try to get Demura Sensei to smile ...

but instead, I get the same look I get in class!

I kept nagging him and finally caught ...

A fun evening, Thank you Demura sensei & the Lanza'a!

Another super cool mail day ...
a huge thank you to San Francisco artist, Jane Pannell
what great mail! Wow!

Thank you Jane!



A wonderful postcard from Mission Viejo artist Mary Cochran

Thank you Mary!

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Front row: Kelly,Tayler, Jake, Jordan; Top row: Preston, Nick, Jared, Cheyenne, Michael (photo by Monica Lopez)

Demura sensei's Costa Mesa dojo Jr. red belts, 2004

A smile for Thursday ...

(thanks Martha Rockey)

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