Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Day: 2085: ... without leaving my chair.

jester off duty: graphite drawing, acrylic, collage & digital

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While eating breakfast, celery with gourmet peanut butter ...
I happened on to wonderful artist, Seth Apter's FB post.

I poured over this photo, enjoying his many treasures.
I marveled at the precision. My eyes were happy.
Inspiration for sure.
I am betting most artists have something similar.
And I wish I could see those too. 
Thank you Seth!

Then, without tidying up, and without leaving my chair ...
I started shooting my wall & stuff .

(close up of "clutter" sign on wall, above photo)

A small room with high ceilings, this is looking straight up.

It's got me thinking ...
maybe I'll take it all down and re-do?
If I ever do, I'll share.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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