Monday, April 9, 2018

Day 2083: What's up in your neck of the woods?

long-neck Lola: ink drawing, gesso, , acrylic, watercolor & junk mail, collage

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How was you weekend?

Just wondering what's up in your neck of the woods?

Superman, WonderWoman, Grandhunks #2 & #3 and I 
went to church this morning, as is our norm on Sundays.
Grandhunk #1 had to work brunch @ CM Social & we missed him.
Lunch together, then SM & WW were off to LA & the Laker game.
* TMI alert, more than you may want to know!
On the way home I got gas, $3.61 a gallon for regular? 
I stopped @ Tues AM and got a new saucepan.

I recently ruined a "cheapy' saucepan, 
now trashed, and insert new red cutie!

And tonight's supper ... 
red & pink beets & greens from the Farmers Market.
Which fuel me to tackle a few of the bald ladies from yesterday.

You may remember some from yesterday ...



This face looked like it didn't want to be here?


I just have to have faith that color & collage might help?


I really love using unexpected papers and colors. 
Make me happy! (Cheap date!)


More bald lady makeovers to come, I made too many.
Hoping to hear from you if time allows?

A smile for Monday ...

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