Monday, April 2, 2018

Day 2076: A lesson for Grandma.

 composite: junk mail collage 36x48"

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Quick story.
When Grand hunk #1 was five.
I asked if I could have him for the day.
WonderWoman with a baby and 3 year old at home, 
thought for a nano second and said yes.
Jordan and I went to Newport Art Museum for family day.

The museum was full of families with dancers & entertainment,
make-it & take it crafts & more. A whirlwind of activities.


Jordan holding the totem he made.
He was fascinated by the giant graphic canvas. 
I realize it's not a good photo of him, but I love it. 
It brings back that day and this story.
And it is indicative of his very sharp mind even at five.

After, I mentioned to Jordan that I needed to stop 
at Fashion Island to make a return, but that it wouldn't take long.
He responded that would be perfect as he wanted 
to pet the koi in the koi pond there.
In my best Grandma voice, I replied that of course
we can go see the koi, but we won't pet them, 
as we might cause infection to the koi fish.
Jordan smiled, then said in his very knowing voice,
"Grandma, the koi fish have a mucous covering 
on their body that protects them from infection."
I looked deeply into those beautiful eyes, saying "Really?"
"Well even so, we're not going to pet them, okay?"
"Okay Grandma, but it's true." 
I went home and googled & Jordan was correct.

. . . 

Jordan, now 20 & 6'5" is a full-time college sophomore 
& working 2 jobs & I ♥ GH#1 and all the memories.

A smile for Monday ...

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