Sunday, April 1, 2018

Day 2075: 12 ladies played hooky

Easter: photos & digital

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Saturday 12 ladies played hooky from pre-Easter duties 
 spending six hours at Catalyst, through Art  Supply Warehouse.

With everything supplied, can you imagine? Just walk in.

The goal was to experiment & play with a myriad of techniques 
& supplies while making 50 faces on different substrates.

by Ann & Terri

Quick timed drawings with different rules produced ...

top L: Connie, top R: Lucy; lower L: Mickey, lower R: Kathy

loosening up, wonderful lines and great fun.

by Carmen

We made tiny fingerprint faces to experiment with expressions.

ASW gave each a 3.5" x 5" journal with 56 pages for faces!

top L: Carmen, top R: Lynda; lower: Kathy

Each artist had a wide range of colors to choose from.

by Mickey

top row by Anna; lower L by Anna, lower R by Connie

ASW supplied 3 canvases & a 14X14" wood canvas.
Gesso was an option for the wood, but most worked directly
on the wood with acrylics, and some graphite.  

graphite & acrylic on wood demo / work in progress
graphite demo


A portfolio of 30 various weight papers were also supplied.

top L by Anna. top R by Kathy; lower L by Ann, lower R by Lucy

 Experimenting with subject, tools and wood!

L by Cathy; R by Lynda

I love the individuality within the class ...
and the willingness to venture outside their comfort zone.
by Carmen

A special birthday wish for Terri! Spending part with us.

by KayK

 Some added acrylic & collage, some decided to stop.
Some will continue to work at home. A fun day.

Maybe you can join us sometime?

A smile for Sunday ...

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