Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Dat 2098: I had only a rough idea where I was headed.

Patterngirl: acrylic, gesso, ink & junk mail collage

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In my latest 7 x 14" banana skin journal ...

I brushed acrylics as a base.

Since I would use some tissue, I needed a light base 
where the collage would be. I used gesso.

I used a fine ballpoint to rough out the figure.

I assembled a bunch of potential papers.

I use gluestick & a brayer & tore random pieces.

I had only a rough idea where I was headed.

Since I really like the unfinished look, I like the one above!

But, on I went!

This is where I audition papers for placement.

Getting near the end of paper, ready for details.



I considered leaving the face plain.

But I didn't, I kept going. Now 99% done.

Done. For extra credit, did you find the 1%?



85 degrees, blue skies, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Tuesday ...

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