Sunday, March 25, 2018

Day 2068: Uncertain subject and unusual colors ...

flora: Ink, TG papers & tissue collage

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A sort of step-by-step?
I started with a 6 x6" cranberry-ish handmade heavy paper,
I added handmade papers and tissues with my mark-making. 
An uncertain subject & an unusual color palette (for me).
I took some early close ups ...

Using acrylic stained Thomas Guide page, I tore pieces & added.

work-in progress

India ink, junk mail & whatever handy that might work.

work-in progress

Could've and maybe should've stopped at several points?

work-in progress

I love an unfinished look, but I just barreled on.


Polka dots often show up in my work. I love dots!
But, once I saw two eyes looking at me, lower right, 
that was all I could see.
So it was back to my papers and inks.


A smile for Sunday ...

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