Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Day 2064: Have you ever ...

Emi  ; china marker sketch, acrylic, collage in journal

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Today the question was asked, 
have you ever done something that doesn't seem like you now?

I thought for a nano-second and smiled ... wow, was that me?
During my three years at John Marshall High School,
I lived with my Dad in Hollywood.
He was a driver for the studios and had long hours.
I was only allowed to use the car to go to the laundromat.
I had a lot of time freedom which I didn't abuse, honest! Except ...

one time I took his prized VW bug and drove to the grocery.
When leaving I backed up in between two tall poles 
which held a huge sign and wasn't visible in the mirror.
The bumper promptly snapped around & locked onto both poles!
Can you feel my pain?
My Dad, who was so strict he once grounded me for a month 
for being 5 minutes after curfew!

I had no choice but to call him.
I think I expected a death sentence, but somehow he let me live.
Have you ever noticed when you imagine the very worst ...
most of the time it's bad, but not that bad?

Okay, your turn. I'd really love to hear from you?
Have you ever done something that doesn't seem like you now?
I am of the opinion that everyone has at least one story.
I have all of my appendages crossed hoping ...
you'll comment, e-mail, Fb or messenger your story?

A smile for Wednesday ...

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