Thursday, March 15, 2018

Day 2058: Five at Eastside

heart: teabag, collage & stitches

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Second Wednesday of the month is Eastside!
A group of 8, but today we were 5.
We missed you Norma, Erin and Jody.

We were lucky to visit Libby's new studio in Orange, CA. 

What a treat, Libby's work & eye candy everywhere.

Just in six month's, how about a tour?

Libby's office

Libby was featured earlier on this blog here, here, here and here.

Libby's office

Prominent artist, Libby is featured currently on covers ...

Talented & prolific are understatements!

Libby's creativity is evident everywhere.

On to the work-space ...


One possibility for today was tea bags ...

tea bags

Libby is famous for her tea bags!

So with every possible supply & tool, we started...

with an expert experienced instructor.

We had a wonderful day! 

tea bags by Linda

Talking, laughing, experimenting and creating.

tea bags by Josie

Thank you Libby Williamson!

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

the very young WonderWoman, 1976

A smile for Thursday ...

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