Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Day 2057: Sometimes it works, sometimes no.

fate: junk mail collage postcard

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Click here for Michael McDonald, You belong to me,
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A very long day & I wanted to do another collage therapy.
Sometimes it works, sometimes no.
Against my better judgement, I am going to share.
This is on page 2 of the new 7 x 14" bamboo paper journal.
Spread of black gesso,  yellow & yellow orange acrylic,
followed by black marker scribbles ...


I knew most would eventually be covered with collage.


This reminds me of those new masks you can buy?
Have you seen them? 
They have cut outs & lay on your face.
WW says they work!
I added newsprint to the skin areas.


 "Overworking" happens sometimes, without much warning.
Sometimes called "trying too hard". Or "being too close"?
Maybe there's a value of demonstrating that here?

It's definitely not done, 
I want it freer,  more random, less fill in the lines.
 I think I might be able to save it, but not tonight.
Sometimes it works, sometimes not yet.

On the brighter side ...
we got some rain today.
Supposed to get more ...
Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by.
I'll try to do better tomorrow.
Your feedback makes my day.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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