Sunday, March 11, 2018

Day 2054: One species absolutely ...

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"One species absolutely does not have the right 
to overrun the planet"    May Lin

I looked out into my little yard from my work-space today.
Pangs of guilt, as I haven't taken the care needed.

Things are overgrown and untended.
Sprinklers keep things alive, but the planters give me dirty looks.

Seems harder to juggle all my tasks, and the garden ball fell.
I remember a rogue 6" palm sprouting in the corner a year ago.
A voice said pull that out or it will be huge.
I really hate to kill anything living.

So during my period of AWOL, it has overrun the area.

Now 7' tall, it seems determined to take over, 
maybe a bully of the plant world?

It is so healthy and strong. Vibrant even.
I may compromise and cut it back, and let it grow tall?
Then again, I am short and will soon be unable to reach?

Like these less aggressive palms, once 3' and ailing.
Rescued from a neighbor's trash, and now over 12' high.
But, tall and skinny, they threaten no one.

The adjacent sago palm, is hanging in, but votes for extraction.

Looking straight up, 
a three story pine and neighboring trees just watch.

A step-by-step from the past, 2014 ...

Reusing an old canvas, using gesso, assorted papers & gel medium.

Ginger, 24 x 24" canvas, owned by Josie Hamilton

just two steps but it gives the idea, right?

A smile for Sunday ...

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