Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Day 2050: Trying to be a grown-up.

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Trying to be a grown-up.
This time of year is painful for me. Tax time.

I have tried to finish earlier but always get distracted.

There is always something more appealing. Anything, actually!
Today I bit the bullet & I think I'm ready for the CPA.

Another silly short story that kinda relates?
About 100 years ago when WW's Dad & I were married 1 year,
after graduating with our bachelor's degree, and before 
starting grad school & our teaching jobs ... we flew out to LA.
We were picked to be on the tv show "Truth or Consequences".
Basically, we were the clueless young couple.
They took me backstage so I didn't know they had told Dave 
that no matter what I said, he was not to say "mink". 
I was to describe the model behind him to get him to say mink.
I really tried hard & I guess my frustration was what they wanted.
He did his job, and I tried my best but the clock ran out.
Turned out I won the mink stole anyway, and he knew that.

This was back in the day when ladies wore furs!
But at 21, I gave the stole to Aunt Martha, 
who enjoyed wearing it to church.

Now the reason for this story ... 
we were surprised to have to pay taxes on that mink!
As college students we weren't financially prepared for that.
So from that year on, I have kept excellent tax records.

An "A+" I'd say,

but a very lenient "D" in getting the tax work done!

Still working on the grown-up part.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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