Monday, March 5, 2018

Day 2048: late night text and a recipe?

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Friday night I was working at my desk when
I got a text from Grandhunk #2!

Jake & Brenna did stop by on Saturday morning 
to pick up making's for Aunt Vonda's "apple delight".
An easy family recipe that tastes like a lot of work - but isn't.
I had 2 cans of apple pie filling, cake mix, a pan, 
 2 sticks of butter and they were happy with that.

Grandhunk#2 & Grand-cutie, Brenna

Brenna baked it and sent a photo of the end result.

Grandhunk 1 & 2 & Crand-cutie's hand,

I think Aunt Vonda would like this.
Maybe not the "crap" tag, but there's a story to that.

Years & years ago I was complaining to WW's Dad ...
that I had to make ""peach crap" to take to an event.
The very young WW overheard & said ...
"peach crap? What's peach crap?"

I tried to correct my error, but the name stuck!
If the term offends you, I do apologize.
The Grandhunks love it & friends all use that name.
And now you know the story. TMI?

A smile for Monday ...

In memory of Kokoro (Koko) Suzuki

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