Sunday, February 25, 2018

Day 2040: Baby it's cold inside!

Danielle: watercolor, collage & digital

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Baby it's cold inside! Yep, inside!

up 2 degrees from earlier

My heater isn't working, and I don't usually need it!
When complaining, Julie reminded me I could get a space heater.
Oh yeah, I think I have one in a box in the garage. 


I did, like new, still in the wrapper, ready to save me.
Excuse gone, ready to get some work done.

A 6x6" artwork to mail to artist, Danielle in The Netherlands.
I started with a  6 x 6" photograph ...

I mounted it on heavy watercolor paper & turned it over to work ...

using cheap watercolors & junk mail for collage, I started.

A quick ink sketch & a quick attempt with watercolor.

Meanwhile the 2018 Winter Olympics from PyeongChang  
kept me company, if not warm.

Background watercolor, and starting on collage for hair.

Subtle changes, fun to play and see what happens ...

I usually add a bit of collage to the background, I don't know why?

Maybe lipstick? 

  Almost done.

Done. This one is Netherlands bound.

. . .

btw: the top blog art was digitally blended with this collage.


A smile for Sunday ...

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