Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Day 2035: Personal best.

Alice: acrylic, graphite & collage, 14x14" canvas

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I've been watching a lot of sports.

The Winter Olympics, 


the recent tournament & more.

And even though I don't know a lot about downhill, 

curling, snowboard acrobatics etc. ...
I just love watching people brave enough to try.
The act of putting themselves out there, on any level,
to me, is inspiring and admirable.

And, I remind myself, we are seeing the end results
of hours and years of training. Falls, injuries & more.
The determination to continue, to persevere is so rare.

The term personal best is used a lot in sports.
Swimming times, skiing & skating times, skating scores etc.
But, maybe there all kinds of personal bests?

One of mine 
was watching 
Grandhunk #3 
sing a solo in 
his high school 
choir concert.

Or, when
Grandhunk # 2 asked me to go to dinner & 
a show with him,
 just us two.

Or, when 
  Grandhunk #1 asked me to go to LA with him.


Or, actually knowing their friends. 

I don't want to miss a single personal best.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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